Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Turned you into someone new

This skirt has been waiting to bust out the closet! You see, I wasn't sure it was Type 1 enough. I bought it multiple years ago, long before Dressing My Truth. It's purple with a blue undertone and gold iridescent in the right light. (Gold!!) It's got an asymmetrical cut that flares when you move. It's corduroy (which I love!)

I kept seeing it hanging in my closet, since I never got rid of it. My "beauty sixth sense" was excited to wear it, to have something that was so flared on the bottom and remember how much fun I have when I wear it. So, I embraced the sixth sense and went for it. I think I hesitated because I used to wear this with a black shirt, every time. Always the black shirt. Now that I don't wear a black shirt for anything short of becoming the queen, I had to work with the accessories a bit, but I think the other purple items work well with it (too bad you can't see my necklace, it snuck under my collar).  I'm loving it!

I also love the gold scarf around my waist. This was one of my first DYT purchases - out looking for something gold to throw into the wardrobe. It's gotten a lot of wear since then, and I'm glad it's made an appearance today. I think it goes well with a relatively neutral outfit.

Oh, and my Type 1ness today: I have put my foot in my mouth 3 days in a row! First to my boyfriend, then my good friend who was at my house for a visit, then on a business call today! Sometimes I wonder where my filter is. It's okay to remember that sometimes the random comes out of my mouth - and thankfully, these people love me and honor me!

White cotton shirt with vertical pleats: H&M Hamburg
Purple pendant necklace: made myself!
Purple circle bracelet: Dressing Your Truth
White scarf with gold threads: Kohl's
Purple corduroy skirt with iridescent gold: Nordstrom's Rack
Brown ballet flats: Nordstrom's Rack 

Title: Don't You Want Me by The Human League

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