Friday, June 10, 2011

I Don't Need to Fight

Neutrals. Have you tried dark purple as a neutral? Dark purple is pretty hard to find, in my opinion, but I was able to find this great skirt through, and it's made in the USA! Still, when I decided today was the day for it, I wasn't entirely sure how to use it. It doesn't feel as neutral as brown, and I added the jacket to get it a little more neutral, along with the gold jewelry. 

I think this has led me to believe that I need more neutrals in my wardrobe, so that I can expand what I've already got (they're like accessories!)

I've been tired and trying to get myself over some vitamin deficiencies, so less creativity has been thrown into Outfitland. Still, let's shake it up!!

Green headband: Smith's Marketplace
Brown corduroy jacket: Costco
Teal button up: Kohls
Gold flower necklace: Dressing Your Truth
White and gold scarf: Kohls
Gold springy bracelet: Dressing Your Truth
Purple flare skirt: Amazon (made in the USA!)
Brown ballet flats: Nordstrom Rack

Title: Baba O'Riley by The Who

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