Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I look around but it's you I can't replace

The real reason I'm posting today is to show off my new gold sandals. I got them at the same time as my new leather flips, from Dillards, but this is the first occasion they have carried my pink toenailed feet around town. They are comfortable (the straps are elastic), sparkly, but the wedge still helps them to be more work appropriate.

The navy scoop neck - is it just me or do the necks on scoop neck shirts just get bigger and bigger? It seems that way to me. 

Overall, I love this outfit. I'm in need of a haircut, or at least some styling today (it's a little flat, despite my bobby pin efforts.)

Well, happy Wednesday!

Gold circles necklace: Target?
Navy scoop neck T: H&M DC
White button up with silver stripes: Hillard and Hanson (Dillards)
Blue and white flower print skirt: Thrifted
Gold spring bracelet: Dressing Your Truth
Gold wedge sandals: Skechers (Dillards)

Title: Every Breath You Take by The Police

Friday, July 15, 2011

Girls Talk About Their Social Lives

Am I the only one that gets thoroughly bored with what I pack when I travel? I realize in the last 4 years or so, I'm likely to go clothes shopping when I'm traveling anyway, but now it's almost necessary. Got to have me some variety, and where better to find it than another city??

Last night I hit the H&M while here in Washington DC, partly to see the town, and partly because I couldn't stand to wear the same button-up shirts I had packed for another day. Thankfully, I found a few cute tops, and some new jewelry pieces. It's amazing to me how much variety I benefit from in my wardrobe (and I still try to keep it under control!)

I also got a new pair of flip flops before the trip. Last week or so, I was walking in my previous pair of Sanuk flip flops and tripped over something and the rope just ripped right out of the rubber footbed. Those had to be trashed... So, I went to return a shirt to Dillards, and look what came home with me? These leather Clark's sandals, on summer sale!

I also love H&Ms signature colors this season - orange is heavy in there! It's not often that orange is extremely popular, or that it gets a lot of wear. Thankfully, I love orange and was pleased to see it in this combination of beaded necklaces (which are stretchy and very comfortable!) Dark brown, green, and two colors of orange.

Cheers to summer!

Sorry I'm a little blurry here...

African beaded necklaces: H&M DC
Red tank: Shade Clothing
Navy scoop neck T: H&M DC
Wooden bracelet: Friend's gift from Romania
Worn brand jeans: Nordstrom's Rack
Brown stitched flipflops: Clarks (from Dillards)

Title: Runaway by Bonjovi