Monday, January 31, 2011

Laughing and a running hey, hey skipping and a jumpin

I had to get my eyes dilated the other day. And silly me, I did my appointment in the morning (which means my eyes were dilated for the rest of the workday!) You can see below how giant my pupils were, and believe me, I didn't use a flash to take the picture.

I've been needing to shake up my wardrobe a little bit lately. A lot of days of boots, in fact I'm wearing out my one pair of knee high textured trouser socks that are so comfortable with my boots. I guess I've just been feeling that I keep wearing the same combinations of clothes. I did order two new necklaces online last week, and I just have to wait for them to arrive.

Type 1ism of the day: I'm loving natural materials in my necklaces - much more of an earthy feel than I originally thought. I'm leaning toward shells, jute, hemp, other kinds of shells, mother of pearl, teeth, wood, glass, leather, that kind of stuff. I'm less crazy about metal and plastic, but there's still a place for those. Maybe that's why my wooden Romania bracelet gets worn multiple times a week. I'll be debuting my new necklaces soon!

Have a wonderful Monday, friends!

Aqua patterned peasant shirt: Kohl's
Blue rock necklace: Dressing Your Truth store
Plastic and cardboard sunglasses: Moran Eye Center

Title: Brown Eyed Girl, by Van Morrison

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here I'm dancing on the ground Am I right side up or upside down?

I mentioned the whole blowdrying issue I've been having. After a few more days of it, I think I really am actually improving at it. I really liked my hair today, and although neither of today's pictures really scream "AWESOME hair," that's how I was feeling today. Yep. Awesome hair.

This shirt is perfect-o for my 1/3 nature. The fact that it's Type 1 colors, and then has just a little edginess to its pattern, which still has roundness to it, I think, is totally perfect. My mom got it for me for my birthday (I did pick it out myself, which is always a plus). I just love it. The saddest part is that after a few washes it started to pill on the outside of the shirt, which makes the brown appear to be not as dark. Oh well. I'll wear it until it's time to retire, and then it will go away, I suppose. Oh, did I mention this shirt has a natural wrinkly texture? Looooove that.

Type 1ism of the day: I love random work assignments. I believe my boss has a Type 1 secondary (he's a Type 2), and I think that fuels our excellent relationship. He'll give me an assignment that isn't fully formed, and together we're able to come up with the right thing. It's so invigorating to me!

Potential hair closeup. Please notice how it's not flat right at my part, which is what I was struggling with before.

Shell star necklace: A friend brought it to me from Hawaii
Fuschia tank: Down East Basics
Brown orange pink paisley shirt: Kohl's
Wooden bracelet: A friend brought it to me from Romania
Khaki skirt: Chicago H&M
Walnut Fossil Hi-Shaft boots:

Title: Crush, by Dave Matthews (Yes, I already quoted this song. I can't help the fact that it runs through my head!)

Friday, January 14, 2011

blue are the streets and all the trees are blue

Hola! Another day at the office my friends. One of the things that worried me about dressing like a Type 1 is that I would not be taken seriously. Like really, truly, this was a real concern for me. I have other experiences in the professional world where I knew I wasn't being taken seriously, and it was very frustrating. I wasn't sure what else to do.

The day I wore this outfit, I was on a video conference call. I was the only person in my conference room, and I was connected to a room in another city with about 5 people in it. At the beginning of the call, they zoomed in on me, since I was the only one in the room. At the front of my conference room was one large screen TV with a shot of their conference room (later it showed only what was on their LCD projector screen, instead of the whole room), and the large screen TV on the other side was just me - larger than life. It was so distracting to watch myself on TV! For most of the call, I did my best to pretend that I wasn't talking to another, larger, projected version of myself. In some ways it worked, in other ways it was "Seriously, I'm talking to myself!!" Quite the surreal experience - like a baby playing peek-a-boo, or cat seeing themselves in the mirror. Glad that's over! At the end of the call, one of the guys said "You're much more fun to have in these meetings than ---- (who usually attends)!"

I've found, based on the whole "taken more serious" thing, that people are now able to judge me accurately. They see my clothes and whole presentation of myself and they can predict how I will act. Upward and light, that's how. I might just throw my head back and laugh sometimes. I might crack jokes. I might bring a swiftness to the conversation. I might help you feel uplifted and ready to work hard on a new project. I might make you smile. Carol mentions that when people aren't living and dressing their truth, we judge them more harshly. I think this is true, and I am relieved to (hopefully) be judged more often for who I really am. This is maybe one of my favorite and most unexpected benefits of learning to Dress My Truth. I know you might be skeptical about this, but it's really true! (You'll never know unless you try.)

I love this outfit. The necklace is my favorite Type 1 necklace ever, because it's sparkly. My Type 3 secondary likes the fact that it's multi-dimensional (there is more than one strand on the necklace - didn't realize how important that was until later). Aqua is like a signature Type 1 color. I wish I could find a sweater in aqua, but I guess clothing designers think it's not a winter color. Pshaw! The skirt is a go-to business skirt for me. It looks great with everything. It even has a "slimming panel" in the front, which is weird and hilarious at the same time. And might possibly help me look skinny, really reflecting my true body that I love.

Type 1ism of the day: I am fully admitting right here that I like to drive fast. It's actually something I need to work on, since it can be dangerous at times. I love a good race-car-driver experience. A few months back I got to drive a rental car in Milan, Italy, and it was perfect for my Type 1 nature. They don't really use lanes, they just wind in and out and fit into tiny spaces. Hoo-rah!

A closeup of my nose, I mean my shirt and necklace!

Blue flowered button-up: Dressing Your Truth store
Aqua T: Costco
Blue rock necklace: Dressing Your Truth store
Wooden bracelet: A friend got it for me in Romania
Brown flare skirt: Ross
Brown Shearling Boots: Costco

Title: Blue, by Eiffel65

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's crazy, I'm thinking, just knowing that the world is round

It's mega ultra cold outside. It makes it painful to go out there! I wore panty hose again to help me be a little warmer in there, because wow - I thought my legs were going to fall off!

I got a chance to talk a walk several blocks downtown, in my Fossil boots. They were super comfortable, and I felt really swanky swishing down the street. The only thing is I like them so much I have trouble not wearing them every day. I really believe in rotating shoes, because my feet hurt if I wear the same pair too many days in a row. I had to resort to my shearling boots (which are more casual) for the last few days, in order to be warm and dry, but still rotating footwear.

Also of note is that I was actually able to blowdry my hair and make it look decent. I got a giant round brush, but I struggle to handle the round brush and the blowdrier, and be able to grab a section of hair to put onto the brush. What I got going on here was a pretty successful round brush excursion.

Type 1ism of the day: My interest in adapting to the circumstance. It happens all the time. We aim to please! I've been thinking about that today. Hmm. I need to head off and have some fun and move on from all this thinking.

Purple pendant necklace: Leather strap from REI necklace, pendant from Michael's (I made it myself!)
Cashmere argyle sweater: Kohl's
Purple circles bracelet: Dressing Your Truth Store
Gray ruffle skirt: H&M Brussels
Walnut Fossil Hi-Shaft Boots:

Title: Crush, by Dave Matthews

Monday, January 10, 2011

Three stained bleach spots, and a hole in the knee

Yeah, sorry there's no pants on this blog. With the frigid temperatures outside, I really wish they were part of my daily wardrobe. Sadly, they're not. That's why knee-high boots are great for keeping me warm!

We got some snow on Sunday, which finally cleared out some of the fog-smog-inversion thing that happens in Utah in January. I was glad to see the clear skies, even though it was painfully COLD! And I didn't even wear a coat to church. That was a silly move. But I didn't have anything that matched well, so I skipped the coat.

Type 1ism of the day: Although I do love the colors and stuff going on in the skirt, and it's very lightweight, I'm not sure how sold I am on full length skirts. The length might be just a little too downward for me, despite the fact that it helps to keep my legs warm. Almost all of my skirts are knee length, and I think that's the direction I should continue in, even though I did thrift this skirt for like $5 or something...

Me, pre-makeup

The bottom half of things. See the bracelet over there on the side? Love that springy gold bracelet.

Pink headband: Forever 21
Pink wool sweater: H&M Frankfurt
Pink shell and wood beads necklace:
Brown corduroy jacket: AMI (Costco)
Gold spring bracelet: Dressing Your Truth store
Orange dip-dye peasant skirt: Thrifted (Phool brand)
Brown Shearling Boots: Costco

Title: The Pants, by Brad Paisley

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hide your wives, hide your children.

I couldn't help myself on the title. My friend introduced me to Antoine Dodson, and he is awesome. I've watched that YouTube video a few too many times now...

Last night I went shopping with my mom. Shopping for both of us. She has this nasty habit of "taking me shopping" and then when we're at the store and there's something perfect for her, she refuses to buy anything for herself. Really, she's just trying to be responsible. But yesterday, I finally got to see her buy some great things for herself. One of my favorites of her purchases was a brown corduroy jacket. It's a little different than mine, but every Type 1, especially with a 3 secondary, should have a brown corduroy jacket. Well, if you like them, that is. But we found one for her at Ross with some big pointy (star points!) lapels, and it was $8.50, and it was perfect for her. Also scored last night for Mom was a purple long sleeve T with a paisley blue pattern (Kohl's), a mint green sweater (Ross), and a blue button up shirt with some really cool texture (Dress Barn). And all that for about $30! What a party it was!

Type 1ism of the day: Carol recently did a blog post about "each type on a bad day." I could see myself in the Type 1 statements, and I'm trying to work on taking responsibility when I drop the ball. Go team!

Now for today's outfit. My boyfriend likes to call this skirt and shirt my "nud-ey" outfit, because of the color, but when you combine it with the jacket and the boots, it's perfect-o. I love this outfit.

Oh, and see the curly hair?! Loving it today. Even if it is a little unruly (don't tell everyone else that it's the look I was going for.)

Sometimes I dislike this necklace, it might not be substantial enough for me. But with this outfit, it works.

Brown Corduroy Jacket: AMI (Costco)
Purple and gold necklace: Shopko
Purple polka-dot T: Thrifted (Down East Basics)
Pink tank underneath: Down East Basics
Fuschia bracelet: Forever 21
Khaki skirt with satin trim: H & M Chicago
Fossil Walnut Daphne Hi-Shaft Boots:

Title: The Bed Intruder Song (compliments of Antoine Dodson)