Thursday, March 31, 2011

In every condition in sickness in health


I've been having some mega conversations with one of my BFFs about being a Type 1. She's a 1/4, which has caused some confusion in her life. Overall, I think she's loving the journey. I'm so happy for her, and happy I finally opened my mouth and explained it to her.

I'm glad I wore this skirt today, since I love it. And the necklace I chose - a little substantial to keep me moving swiftly today. There's a lot changing in my life right now, and I wanted to be sure I could keep up :). Also, no boots today. That's been a while too!

The sun is shining, and it's a great day to be alive!

Type1ism of the day: That cheesy smile! I seem to always look like that in pictures :) Here's to April starting tomorrow. Cheers!

Brown Corduroy Jacket: Costco
Wood and pink round shell necklace: Amazon
Red tank top: Down East Basics
Brown shirt: Down East Basics
Wooden bracelet: friend brought it from Romania
Red and beige linen leaf pattern skirt: H&M Chicago
L'eggs Everyday nude hose: Walgreens
Brown ballet flats: Nordstrom's Rack

Title: How Firm a Foundation, (hymn)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I absolutely love her when she smiles

I have a green pea coat. My mom bought it for me for Christmas, and we found it on mega discount at Old Navy. It was meant to be. It's kind of a Kelly green, which I love. What am I saying? I love green in most any shade. Hence my green work bag too, that I took with me to Sweden and Germany.

Well, it's Saint Patty's day, and I have no Irish ancestry whatsoever. Not detered by that, I still hitched up my green and headed to the office. I think I might be the only one in really bright green, but I have seen a lot of sage and olive around today. Maybe I can pretend I'm Irish.

I have an adorable sticker one of my coworkers gave me years ago, and it's still on my desk. It's a heart with shamrocks around it that says "I love the Irish" on the inside of the heart. She scratched out "the", and now it says "I love Trish!" How awesome is that! I guess I can be Irish since we share 4 letters of our name.

Type 1ness of the day: Oh the sun! It's been so dark the last few days with rain and overcast skies, but I am a sunshine addict! I truly am. I curl up in the sun like a cat, and go outside just to walk around in the tulips when the sun is out. It totally brightens my mood :).

Oh, and PS, this is the second time this week I've worn something tied around my waist. I think we might be on to something here. I could still use some practice on the scarf technique.

(Still need a haircut.)

Lime green T: Costco
Brown corduroy jacket: Costco
Jute and mother of pearl necklace: Amazon
Undershirt: Down East Basics
Wooden bracelet: friend brought it from Romania
Khaki skirt with satin ribbon: H&M Brussels
Green polka dot silk scarf: Land's End
Keen fuzzy boots

Title: Absolutely by Nine Days

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'll take you down the only road I've ever been down

Hoo-rah! I love that I feel like my closet has hit "critical mass." You know, that point where you have enough of the right clothes that there are almost endless possibilities? Pretty enticing for a Type 1, eh? 

What do you think about how many clothing items you need? Especially as a Type 1? I feel like it was a challenge to get there, especially because I have to wear skirts 6 days of the week. Finding Type 1 skirts can surely be a challenge, but I feel like I've found some good ones. My best luck of all has been thrifting actually - I find great ones all the time, and many more that aren't in my size.

Type 1ism of the day: I remember Marcy talking about being a Type 1 and looking up at the sky. How centering it is for a Type 1. I completely agree. I'm the girl you find in the park, laying on my back and watching the clouds move. Since I work on the 5th floor of a high-rise office building, there's a great view of downtown. Too bad I don't have a window of my own. But there's a particular one I like to wander over to in the afternoons and look at the clouds against the mountains. This is a great way to center yourself as a Type 1 - go look out the window, look UP for a few minutes, and you'll feel a lot better. Ready to tackle your over-booked day! :)

Got this great skirt while thrifting on Saturday, along with the striped one I wore in the last post. I'm also wearing my Como Italy belt - I got it at the street market there in September. I've always wanted to pull off a belt like this, and I feel like this is my first success attempt. I balanced it with the gold necklace, and the sparkly skirt. I think not having a patterned shirt made it easier. Oh, and it's a little weird to say, but these type of belts fit best/work best when you have clothes on that aren't "giving you a muffin top" at all. Keep an eye out for that one :)!

Here's the sparkle detail on my skirt
This is the great hip belt I got in the city of Como, Italy. I was there in September for work, and we stopped at the street market to look around. This was my prized find. And, I finally feel like I am wearing it "correctly." Yee-haw!
Brown corduroy jacket: AMI at Costco
Purple T: Costco
Gold flower necklace: Dressing Your Truth store
Purple circles bracelet: Dressing Your Truth store
Gold hip belt: the street market in Como, Italy
Brown organza sparkle skirt: Thrifted (Old Navy)
Brown ballet flats: Nordstrom's Rack

Title: Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve

Friday, March 11, 2011

Surrender, but don't give yourself away

Pardon the ridiculous Blue Steel look in my full length picture. Self timer + Friday giddiness + new skirt + hunger, and this is what comes out. I'd like to be more adept at the art of self timer photos, so give me a chance :). The flowers are now out on Historic Temple Square, well, at least a lot of them, and I went out for a walk earlier. Delightful!

We went thrifting briefly last night, and this skirt was one of my scores. I have to be honest when I say I have wanted a skirt like this, with 45 degree horizontal stripes, for approximately a decade. I've tried on plenty of them before at thrift stores, but the ones that aren't lined seem to fit poorly, and so I could never bring myself to buy the perfect skirt if it fit poorly. Not to mention these are great colors, and a little darker than typical Type 1 hot aqua spring colors. It still suits me as Type 1 though, and I think the angular-ness of the stripes gives a little shout out to the Secondary 3.

Oh, my mom complimented (for the zillionth time) on my glasses yesterday. I like how thet fit into "me", rather than be a distraction from it. Oh, and I seriously need a haircut. That thing is getting out of control!

Things have been busy in my life these days, and hopefully they'll be a major positive result coming up in the near future. Until that shows up, we'll just keep taking it one day at a time.

Type 1ness of the day: I've been thinking about the ability to disconnect a lot lately. It's truly one of my Type 1 gifts, and before knowing my true nature, I had already heavily incorporated it into my life. The one time when I really struggle with disconnecting is if it's late at night and the metaphorical party is going on, and I can't bear to go to bed. But as for disconnecting in all the other parts of my life, it's genius. I can "turn off work" in my brain when it's time to go home, "turn off" people that I am having trouble relating to (I like to think I achieve this with lightness and positivity), "turn off" frustrating situations in my life that I don't want to deal with at the moment (see the two-edged sword here?), and live life one day at a time. Oh, what about the ability to never check my voicemail? Maybe that's just lazy :). If it's bad today, there's always tomorrow.

I'm afraid, while honoring my ability to disconnect (and loving most every minute of it), that I will be filled with some empty yesterdays. I'm seeking to balance my ability to disconnect with the trap of being stuck in a holding pattern. We'll see how it turns out.

Other than my cuff, hair and glasses, I don't think any of these pieces have made their appearance here yet. I looooove having so many options in my life!

New boots, eh? My boyfriend actually picked them out, saying they "looked like something I would like." They're true hiker/camper waterproof winter boots, and they'll help my other heeled boots last longer by having more than one pair to wear. I heart them!

Jute and mother of pearl necklace:
White button up shirt: Old Navy
Pink 3/4 sleeve: Kmart
Brown undershirt: DownEast Basics
Diagonal stripe red skirt: Hillard and Hanson (Thrifted)
Studded Cuff: Kohl's
Pantyhose: Leggs Everyday Nude
Keen fuzzy boots: Steep and Cheap

Title: Surrender, by Cheap Trick