Tuesday, October 12, 2010

one way ticket, yeah!

I totally love this shirt! I don't own one, but you could. It's called the Daytrip Waffle Shirt, and it's on clearance from The Buckle's website for only $12. You can search for it by Item #Item #10910J0222886B. I just figured the Small, Medium and Large being offered might not cover my bases.

Title: Daytripper, by the Beatles

Monday, October 11, 2010


My name is Trish. I've been living my truth for about 10 months now, since December 2009. I've always sort of known I was a Type 1, because my wonderful mother is also a Type 1 and told all of us that we could "be anything we wanted to be" in life. How Type 1 of her!

I discovered after a few months that I have two secondaries: Type 2 and Type 3. The Type 3 is what I prefer to honor as my secondary in dressing, and I love having that little bit of edge in my life to keep me moving swiftly! I hope to share bits about my life and how I am living in my movement, clothes, accessories, and working with people of other types! I hope you enjoy it here - let's have some fun! :)