Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Turned you into someone new

This skirt has been waiting to bust out the closet! You see, I wasn't sure it was Type 1 enough. I bought it multiple years ago, long before Dressing My Truth. It's purple with a blue undertone and gold iridescent in the right light. (Gold!!) It's got an asymmetrical cut that flares when you move. It's corduroy (which I love!)

I kept seeing it hanging in my closet, since I never got rid of it. My "beauty sixth sense" was excited to wear it, to have something that was so flared on the bottom and remember how much fun I have when I wear it. So, I embraced the sixth sense and went for it. I think I hesitated because I used to wear this with a black shirt, every time. Always the black shirt. Now that I don't wear a black shirt for anything short of becoming the queen, I had to work with the accessories a bit, but I think the other purple items work well with it (too bad you can't see my necklace, it snuck under my collar).  I'm loving it!

I also love the gold scarf around my waist. This was one of my first DYT purchases - out looking for something gold to throw into the wardrobe. It's gotten a lot of wear since then, and I'm glad it's made an appearance today. I think it goes well with a relatively neutral outfit.

Oh, and my Type 1ness today: I have put my foot in my mouth 3 days in a row! First to my boyfriend, then my good friend who was at my house for a visit, then on a business call today! Sometimes I wonder where my filter is. It's okay to remember that sometimes the random comes out of my mouth - and thankfully, these people love me and honor me!

White cotton shirt with vertical pleats: H&M Hamburg
Purple pendant necklace: made myself!
Purple circle bracelet: Dressing Your Truth
White scarf with gold threads: Kohl's
Purple corduroy skirt with iridescent gold: Nordstrom's Rack
Brown ballet flats: Nordstrom's Rack 

Title: Don't You Want Me by The Human League

Friday, May 27, 2011

Confession: My favorite color is clear.

My boyfriend is a Type 2, which means one of his favorite hobbies is to research and purchase "gear." The perfect keychain, the perfect flashlight, the perfect desk to fit in the perfect spot in the perfectly well-lit living room. In many cases, if it's fast and does the job, I'll take it. Not so with him.

Several years ago, he bought me a really nice, 27 ounce BPA free stainless steel water bottle. It has a nice black screw cap with a ring that you could put a carabiner through, and I keep it on my desk at work. Durable, safe, lightweight. It's supposed to be filled with water and keeping me hydrated.

I'm not much into bottled water either, so that's not an issue for me. I don't mind if it comes out of the tap, as long as it's not lukewarm.

Today I brought a 33.8 ounce bottle of sparkling water beverage in key lime flavor to work. It's in a clear bottle with a brightly colored label, and has bubbles in it. All things I love. I'm willing to not have bubbles every day. I'm finding, however, that if I'm to be convinced to stay hydrated, I'd rather do it with something clear. I can see how much water is in there; I can see the sunlight through the bottle.

There, I said it. Give me the $0.59 water bottle and I'll refill it, and you can keep your stainless steel one. It does look nice on my desk though.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I miss the earth so much

This is me today. This shirt that I got at the thrift store is perfect for a dim and rainy day. After all, polka dots add some great animation! If I had shown you a view straight from the front, you would see that it's a great shirt for looking slimmer than you are, and I can't complain about that! I used to be anti-ruffle, but here I am with a ruffle around the top half of the button placket. Yeehaw! I flip up the sleeves at the elbow, wear a white tank underneath, and this shirt practically runs the show.

I've noticed that my body physically moves randomly, especially compared to my much more calculated 2/4 boyfriend. I'm the one who's always tripping over things, bumping my thigh on the corner of a table or counter, stepping on things that shouldn't be on the floor, and bumping my face against things. Earlier this week I was leaving a downtown office building through a revolving glass door. I do this multiple times a day at my own building, but the door space is significantly wider at my building than the one I was leaving that day. I went through the door about 180 degrees worth and stepped toward the outside. WHAM! I hit my face on the curved glass wall that encased the door! I stepped back, looked around, and took a few more steps in the direction that moved the door before I could safely step out. Good thing I didn't break my glasses :).

Are you wearing anything sparkly today?

I love this bracelet so far - it does like to get caught on stuff though. Sleeves, waistbands, noses.

Navy Beaded Necklace: gift from my boyfriend, made by a local artisan
Blue and white polka dot ruffle shirt: Thifted (Charter Club)
White beaded bracelet: Shopko
Blue corduroy skirt: Seagull Book (DownEast Basics)
Keen fuzzy brown boots for the monsoon outside: Online (Keen)
Title: Rocket Man by Elton John

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

'Cause I've Got To Be Free

This is in my most excellent backyard. I'm still working out how to take pictures of myself, since I don't have a tripod or anything. I love playing around with it though. I love this shirt - and I modified it myself. It used to have a brown layer underneath the white layer on top, and it made it much more subtle. When I saw Carol Tuttle for the very first time, I was wearing it, and she didn't quite approve. I took it home and decided to cut out the brown lining, and now just wear it over a white undershirt. Perfect! I love cutting stuff up to fix it :).

Type 1ness of the day: I'm actually more productive at work when I have someone to talk to, to brainstorm with. Someone to chat with and laugh with. When there's no one around, it challenges me to focus. Focusing is easier if there are distractions!

Purple pendant on a leather strap: made myself (Michael's craft store and a gift necklace from REI)
White undershirt: DownEast Basics
Purple blue and brown mesh shirt: Smith's Marketplace
Blue plastic beads bracelet: Smith's Marketplace
Teal beads: friend brought them from China
Brown fishtail asymmetrical skirt: Dressing Your Truth
Brown ballet flats: Nordstrom's Rack

Title: Come Sail Away by Styx

Friday, May 13, 2011

PS: The Jacket

I almost forgot to introduce you to today's jacket. I bought it at Nordstrom's Rack, and it's very Audrey Hepburn. A little swishy, kind of Paris in the spring.

The jacket in all its glory!

On the phone, and taking a picture, while wearing a jacket.
Green spring jacket: Amber Sun collection (Nordstrom's Rack)

When you're with me, I'm smiling

Today is my first day sporting straightening iron curls, which they show very nicely in the November 2009 Club Night video (for Dressing Your Truth members only). I recently bought the Type 1 flatiron, after NOT buying it for many months, hoping the curls would work. I've been realizing that curly hair is much truer to my nature. That explains all the childhood bad perms I used to force my mom to give me. Not that all of them were bad - just the one where mom took me to the local beauty school and they truly cooked my hair until it was finished. It was because I wanted it to be reeeeally curly, and then I was mortified afterward with how curly it was. There was no way I could hide the fact that I had a curly head, and I was quite embarrassed about it. Now I'm embracing the curly head and the extra movement it gives me! Love it!

I was in a bit of a wardrobe rut, and was wearing outfits you've already seen on the blog. The same ones. Over and over. Part of it was needing to get unpacked from moving (still can't find my favorite brown skirt, but I'll keep looking...), and part of it was probably just being tired. But here we have a fresh Friday outfit for you, with several pieces never seen before! I used to love this white button up shirt with its little silver metallic stripes. I found it professionally, but also sparkly. Oh, and this skirt. I wore it to a good friend's wedding last summer in the park, with a billowy white shirt, and I love it. It is a little snug though, and it's a tiny challenge to walk gracefully while wearing it. All in a day's work though.

Cheers! Happy Friday!

The skirt's embroidery
The whole me. Ignore the fact that the button up finds itself to be too short, and flips up a little.

White with metallic silver stripe button down shirt: Hillard and Hanson (some department store circa 2003)
Aqua T-shirt: Costco
Gold flower necklace: Dressing Your Truth
Gold springy bracelet: Dressing Your Truth
Teal cotton skirt with white embroidery: Prana (Amazon.com)
Gold buckle flats: Fossil (Maceys)

Title: Lady by Styx