Thursday, May 19, 2011

I miss the earth so much

This is me today. This shirt that I got at the thrift store is perfect for a dim and rainy day. After all, polka dots add some great animation! If I had shown you a view straight from the front, you would see that it's a great shirt for looking slimmer than you are, and I can't complain about that! I used to be anti-ruffle, but here I am with a ruffle around the top half of the button placket. Yeehaw! I flip up the sleeves at the elbow, wear a white tank underneath, and this shirt practically runs the show.

I've noticed that my body physically moves randomly, especially compared to my much more calculated 2/4 boyfriend. I'm the one who's always tripping over things, bumping my thigh on the corner of a table or counter, stepping on things that shouldn't be on the floor, and bumping my face against things. Earlier this week I was leaving a downtown office building through a revolving glass door. I do this multiple times a day at my own building, but the door space is significantly wider at my building than the one I was leaving that day. I went through the door about 180 degrees worth and stepped toward the outside. WHAM! I hit my face on the curved glass wall that encased the door! I stepped back, looked around, and took a few more steps in the direction that moved the door before I could safely step out. Good thing I didn't break my glasses :).

Are you wearing anything sparkly today?

I love this bracelet so far - it does like to get caught on stuff though. Sleeves, waistbands, noses.

Navy Beaded Necklace: gift from my boyfriend, made by a local artisan
Blue and white polka dot ruffle shirt: Thifted (Charter Club)
White beaded bracelet: Shopko
Blue corduroy skirt: Seagull Book (DownEast Basics)
Keen fuzzy brown boots for the monsoon outside: Online (Keen)
Title: Rocket Man by Elton John

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