Friday, May 27, 2011

Confession: My favorite color is clear.

My boyfriend is a Type 2, which means one of his favorite hobbies is to research and purchase "gear." The perfect keychain, the perfect flashlight, the perfect desk to fit in the perfect spot in the perfectly well-lit living room. In many cases, if it's fast and does the job, I'll take it. Not so with him.

Several years ago, he bought me a really nice, 27 ounce BPA free stainless steel water bottle. It has a nice black screw cap with a ring that you could put a carabiner through, and I keep it on my desk at work. Durable, safe, lightweight. It's supposed to be filled with water and keeping me hydrated.

I'm not much into bottled water either, so that's not an issue for me. I don't mind if it comes out of the tap, as long as it's not lukewarm.

Today I brought a 33.8 ounce bottle of sparkling water beverage in key lime flavor to work. It's in a clear bottle with a brightly colored label, and has bubbles in it. All things I love. I'm willing to not have bubbles every day. I'm finding, however, that if I'm to be convinced to stay hydrated, I'd rather do it with something clear. I can see how much water is in there; I can see the sunlight through the bottle.

There, I said it. Give me the $0.59 water bottle and I'll refill it, and you can keep your stainless steel one. It does look nice on my desk though.

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