Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hide your wives, hide your children.

I couldn't help myself on the title. My friend introduced me to Antoine Dodson, and he is awesome. I've watched that YouTube video a few too many times now...

Last night I went shopping with my mom. Shopping for both of us. She has this nasty habit of "taking me shopping" and then when we're at the store and there's something perfect for her, she refuses to buy anything for herself. Really, she's just trying to be responsible. But yesterday, I finally got to see her buy some great things for herself. One of my favorites of her purchases was a brown corduroy jacket. It's a little different than mine, but every Type 1, especially with a 3 secondary, should have a brown corduroy jacket. Well, if you like them, that is. But we found one for her at Ross with some big pointy (star points!) lapels, and it was $8.50, and it was perfect for her. Also scored last night for Mom was a purple long sleeve T with a paisley blue pattern (Kohl's), a mint green sweater (Ross), and a blue button up shirt with some really cool texture (Dress Barn). And all that for about $30! What a party it was!

Type 1ism of the day: Carol recently did a blog post about "each type on a bad day." I could see myself in the Type 1 statements, and I'm trying to work on taking responsibility when I drop the ball. Go team!

Now for today's outfit. My boyfriend likes to call this skirt and shirt my "nud-ey" outfit, because of the color, but when you combine it with the jacket and the boots, it's perfect-o. I love this outfit.

Oh, and see the curly hair?! Loving it today. Even if it is a little unruly (don't tell everyone else that it's the look I was going for.)

Sometimes I dislike this necklace, it might not be substantial enough for me. But with this outfit, it works.

Brown Corduroy Jacket: AMI (Costco)
Purple and gold necklace: Shopko
Purple polka-dot T: Thrifted (Down East Basics)
Pink tank underneath: Down East Basics
Fuschia bracelet: Forever 21
Khaki skirt with satin trim: H & M Chicago
Fossil Walnut Daphne Hi-Shaft Boots:

Title: The Bed Intruder Song (compliments of Antoine Dodson)

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