Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here I'm dancing on the ground Am I right side up or upside down?

I mentioned the whole blowdrying issue I've been having. After a few more days of it, I think I really am actually improving at it. I really liked my hair today, and although neither of today's pictures really scream "AWESOME hair," that's how I was feeling today. Yep. Awesome hair.

This shirt is perfect-o for my 1/3 nature. The fact that it's Type 1 colors, and then has just a little edginess to its pattern, which still has roundness to it, I think, is totally perfect. My mom got it for me for my birthday (I did pick it out myself, which is always a plus). I just love it. The saddest part is that after a few washes it started to pill on the outside of the shirt, which makes the brown appear to be not as dark. Oh well. I'll wear it until it's time to retire, and then it will go away, I suppose. Oh, did I mention this shirt has a natural wrinkly texture? Looooove that.

Type 1ism of the day: I love random work assignments. I believe my boss has a Type 1 secondary (he's a Type 2), and I think that fuels our excellent relationship. He'll give me an assignment that isn't fully formed, and together we're able to come up with the right thing. It's so invigorating to me!

Potential hair closeup. Please notice how it's not flat right at my part, which is what I was struggling with before.

Shell star necklace: A friend brought it to me from Hawaii
Fuschia tank: Down East Basics
Brown orange pink paisley shirt: Kohl's
Wooden bracelet: A friend brought it to me from Romania
Khaki skirt: Chicago H&M
Walnut Fossil Hi-Shaft boots:

Title: Crush, by Dave Matthews (Yes, I already quoted this song. I can't help the fact that it runs through my head!)

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