Thursday, December 30, 2010

Running through the field, where all my tracks will be concealed

Wow, now that's a flattering shot - eyes closed! You know, photography is a process. You can also see evidence here of my great need for a haircut. I got one last night, thank goodness, and I think it's shorter than usual. I think my tuck-behind-the-ears pieces are gone. My hair grows out fast enough that ideally, it would get cut and thinned every 4 weeks.

One of the things I love as a 1/3 is corduroy. It holds its shape a bit, so it's kind of crisp, and it's a little more substantial than other fabrics. My mom got me this skirt when we were out shopping one day - did you know you can get Down East clothes at Seagull Book for 10% off their regular price? Well, you can, and it's a great deal!

Type 1ism of the day: I love going for a walk while I talk on the phone. This used to happen when I was a teenager, and we had a phone cord to deal with! I would stand at the bottom of the stairs and pace around as I talked. It really bugged my (Type 2) father, because I was wearing out the carpet and incorrectly stretching the phone cord. Now, if I get a call and I'm at home, I throw on my boots and my white puffy coat and tromp around the neighborhood. It helps me move quickly and upwardly, and see the beautiful world outside!

The one thing I don't like about this yellow shirt is that gather at the bottom. And sometimes I wonder if those split sleeves are a little too drapy (they're really not, I just have my moments).

Yellow and white embroidered tunic: Dressing Your Truth store
White tank: Down East Basics
Gold flower necklace: Dressing Your Truth
Blue brushed with gold bracelet: Dressing Your Truth
Blue corduroy skirt: Down East Basics
Fossil Brown Walnut Daphne Boots: (yes, I wear these every day!)

Title: Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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