Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I'd be safe and warm

I haven't worn this skirt for a very long while, possibly since I've been blogging about living my truth.
 It's the kind of skirt that I'm not sure is a true 10 on the 0-10 scale of awesomeness, and it's likely because it's too high contrast for a Type 1. Still, on a sunny day like today, it seems to fit the bill, and I went with it.

I've noticed some negative things in my life recently, and they are probably of my own creation. It's been a struggle to first realize that there were negative feelings and emotions building up, determine how I went about creating the situation, and think about how I was going to resolve it. One of the things that's helped me with this is a mini-healing session video Carol did recently with a beautiful Type 1, where they talked about "choosing to be happy now," and how the Type 1 energy is most closely aligned with happiness. It really perked me up. Here's to taking good care of ourselves!

Sans makeup

Orange, Green and Brown beaded Necklaces: H&M DC
Teal button-up satin shirt: Kohl's
Brown studded cuff: Kohl's 
Brown dotted white skirt: Ross Dress for Less
Brown Leather Flips: Clarks (Dillards)

Title: California Dreamin' by the Mommas and the Poppas

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