Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Haven't been home in a year or more

I bought a house. I get the keys today.
I have to say - worse than closing, worse than changing my utilities, was dealing with Comcast. Ugh.
Glad that's over with.

I received some excellent Type 1 housebuying advice from another lady on the Dressing Your Truth forums. I was frustrated with the number of options and the fact that I was the final decision maker. I'm perfectly happy adapting to another person's decision, but at the same time, I didn't want to give my power away. Here's the summary of what she told me:

"Picture the fun you'll have in that house. The friends, the children, the parties, the food. Make sure there are good spaces for fun. And go with your gut."

Wonderful advice. And I tried to live it. I think my new house has some good fun spaces in it, and I am already planning the weenie roast to kick off me having a great backyard!

My face looks weird in this picture. Not a judgement, just a strange camera angle. Good thing it's about the clothes.

Check out this skirt! Finally a "wrap style" skirt that is well-designed!
Adorable shoes, anyone? (Yes I have abnormally tiny feet.)

Brown corduroy jacket: Costco
Star shell necklace: friend bought it in Hawaii
Dark green T: Smith's Marketplace
Green circles bracelet: Dressing Your Truth (I have it in purple too!)
Green and white abstract linen skirt: Coldwater Creek
Green flower flats: Classified (Thrifted)

Title: Wheel in the Sky by Journey

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