Friday, April 8, 2011

They'll be peace when you are done

Lots of blue and white and green sparkles today, which is good.

These bracelets make a little tinkling sound when you wear them. Which I love! When I was in high school, around Christmastime, I would tie a jingle bell on a ribbon to one of my shoes and wear them every day. I wonder how many teachers I really annoyed, but I loved walking the halls and hearing the jingle. I guess some things never get old!

I need to talk myself into spending the money on a haircut in the next couple days. I got out of the habit with house buying, and that's been good for no one. Time to get back in the swing on that one.

See the awesome unfinished edge on my skirt. I just sewed a line around it, rather than actually hemming it. I love the strings hanging down, and the fact that the cut is not completely straight. A little edgy, eh?

Happy Friday!

Blue and white sparkle stripe shirt: Thrifted
Round shell necklace: H&M Chicago

Blue and green sparkle bracelets: Smith's Marketplace
White undershirt: Shade
Khaki corduroy skirt: Homemade from a pair of Calvin Klein cords!
Keen fuzzy boots

Title: Carry On My Wayward Son by Kansas


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