Tuesday, February 1, 2011

You've Got to Roll with the Punches to Get to What's Real

It is bitterly cold outside, and windy. Welcome to February. Yesterday I froze, wearing my green pea coat all day at my desk. Today I decided to bundle up with a zip-up fleece jacket, and then my coat and scarf. It literally saved me, because the weatherman said the wind is making it feel like -5 degrees Fahrenheit out there. And me - I don't get to wear pants to work.

Yesterday I couldn't find my box of panty hose I had purchased, with 3 unworn pairs still inside. After many panty hose adventures, I was able to discover that buying a box of 4 "L'eggs Everyday" panty hose are relatively comfortable, cheap, and seem to last a while too. And the nude color is close enough that sometimes, I don't seem to even be wearing them! A big success in the panty hose department there. I think I bought my box of them at Walgreens, by the way.

There's actually not a lot of pop to this outfit like there should be. I supposed I could wear some gold jewelry to take it up a notch, but my current gold jewelry, except for my flower necklace and springy bracelet, has been worn too much and all that expensive "gold" has worn off. I need to find some different gold jewelry that I like and doesn't weigh too much. In the mean time, no pop for today, except for maybe my great hair. Or the hot pink fleece jacket I'm wearing around the office so that I don't turn into a popsicle.

Type 1ism of the day: Last night my best friend and I had a hilarious evening. She's also a Type 1, and lives a few doors down from me. We sat on her couch, both on our laptops, watching the Food Network, eating fun foods, and posting ridiculous messages on each others' Facebook pages. Then we would proceed to laugh and snort out loud, unrestrained and thoroughly entertained. It was a great night. :)

See my boots? I wanted to show them to you!

Shell star necklace: from Hawaii
Brown peasant top with peach flower embroidery: Ross
Wooden bracelet: Romania
Khaki skirt with the satin trim: H&M Chicago
L'eggs Everyday panty hose: Walgreens
Brown shearling boots: Costco

Title: Jump, by Van Halen

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